Office Partitioning

V S Interiors offers various products to suit your budget, we specialise in all systems, demountable, dry lining, ½ hour fire, 1 hour fire, glazed systems, timber systems and curved walls.

A great example of a glass office partition that keeps the working enviroment light and spacious

Demountable Partitions

Demountable Partitions are a quick, re-locatable cost effective budget line system. Many elevations can be achieved due to its flexibility, it is 50mm thick aluminium framed system in various colours, incorporating plasterboard panels, glass and doors as required.

Dry lining

Dry lined Partitions are non load bearing walls, constructed with light weight metal stud and track with plasterboard finish, which can be taped and filled or plastered, then finished in paint or various wall coverings. Big savings can be achieved in structural design compared to masonry alternatives.

Glazed systems

Glass Partitions are held in place by a head and floor aluminium track in various colours. It can incorporate straight or curved panels. Full height glazed partitions create a light and roomy environment; fire rating can be achieved with special glass. Doors are normally glass but solid wood can be used if required to match furniture schemes.

Timber systems

If you require a more traditional design to your office, timber partitions can provide a practical and creative environment. Constructed from a metal frame system, cloaked in an extensive choice of wooden finishes. Solid panels can be either veneered in the hardwood of your choice or finished in vinyl or paint finish. There are many glazing options which can incorporate venation blinds for partial privacy.

Curved Walls

Curved walls help create your own individual design in receptions, boardrooms etc. They are non load bearing and easily assembled on site. The system can be installed in all types of buildings to achieve the radius required by the designer. There is a choice of linings to suit performance specifications. Boards can be tape and filled or plastered in the normal way.

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